Thank you, Marty Boldin!

“I hope this finds you well...”
This simple salutory greeting, that is so quintessentially Marty, epitomizes his reactions and interactions with workmates, political figures and most importantly, with the youth he interacts with on a daily basis. His unique views and touch points for helping kids find a path to a better life have earned him many accolades, including "Community Hero" last year.
Marty became my “hero” in 2005 when Red Brick Guides was started as a dropout prevention initiative aimed at parents. I met him while he was working with the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council on dropout prevention. Not only did I have the honor to benefit from his remarkable input, insights and connections, but more importantly I saw first hand the special gifts Marty brought to the table when working with our youth.
Marty passionately strives to fill the void our most vulnerable youth face with grace and patience, without allowing his own personal issues to get in the way. He helps these disillusioned young people realize a better future than they have imagined possible thus far. Manchester has been so incredibly blessed to have him as part of the Office of Youth Services. I shudder to think where our youth would be without the express, focused guidance of people like Marty Boldin who make it their life’s work to “change the world.”
Marty, we will miss you, but we know your quest for a doctorate will end in success. As for all the souls you’ve already touched along the way, well, we are all standing behind you saying ...
”I hope this finds you well.”

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