What is my child supposed to be learning


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What is my child supposed to be learning

    Understanding the educational goals for your child is an important part of parent involvement. But school has changed a lot since most parents were students, and what is happening in your child’s classroom may seem very mysterious to you. One way to learn more about what your child should be learning is to look at the state Grade Level Expectations (GLE) and Grade Span Expectations which can be found on the NH Department of Education website at:

    The GLE’s are the standards by which students are tested on the state assessment test, the New England Common Assessment Program or NECAP. In response to these new standards the Manchester School district has revised the Mathematics and Language Arts Curricula for all grades K-12. The curricula can be accessed through the district website parent page at New curricula are being developed for other subjects and will be available when they are completed.

To help your child succeed in middle school…

  • Help your child to create routines in your household for doing homework and long-term projects. Reinforce organization skills at home so students are building strong study habits.
  • Keep the line of communication open between you and your child. Create an environment where your child feels free to come to you with any academic or social concerns.
  • Take advantage of workshops, parent groups and meetings that are offered by your child's school.
  • Encourage and train your children to view teachers as allies in their education. It is important to know how to ask a teacher for help.
  • Know what comes next. Middle school classes and grades affect high school course selection and recommendations from teachers, beginning in sixth grade.

-Breakthrough Manchester
at The Derryfield School
Breakthrough Manchester is a college access program for students entering Middle School.
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Learn about graduation requiremnts: --Make sure your child is taking required courses and is on track to graduate from high school. Additional information regarding courses and requirements can be found on the high schools’ websites accessible at

Career Planning -- Help your child learn about various career options and the educational requirements for pursuing them.

College Planning -- Help your child explore higher education options by planning college visits. Visit the New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Fund website to learn about financial aid and other ways to support your child’s interest in attending college.

Monitor their health -- Be sure to monitor your teenager’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Changes in behavior may signal serious problems. They still need you.

Communication -- Your teenager may not tell you everything you need to know to support them at school and in life. Develop your own channels of communication. Talk to other parents. Contact the school. Visit the website. Be nosy.:


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