What is my child supposed to be learning?
Understanding the educational goals for your child is an important part of parent involvement. But school has changed a lot since most parents were students, and what is happening in your child’s classroom may seem very mysterious to you. One way to learn more about what your child should be learning is to look at the state Grade Level Expectations (GLE) and Grade Span Expectations which can be found on the NH Department of Education website at www.ed.state.nh.us/education/doe/organization/curriculum/NECAP/GLEs.htm
The GLE’s are the standards by which students are tested on the state assessment test, the New England Common Assessment Program or NECAP. In response to these new standards the Manchester School district has revised the Mathematics and Language Arts Curricula for all grades K-12. The curricula can be accessed through the district website parent page at http://www.mansd.org/main/forparents.htm New curricula are being developed for other subjects and will be available when they are completed.

Other ways to learn about what your child should be learning are:
• Monitoring homework
• Leafing through the textbook
• Viewing quality student work on the bulletin boards at school
• Asking the teacher- some teachers at the middle and high school levels have prepared syllabi, or make it one of your questions during parent conferences.
• Some schools have parent programs or printed materials to help parents understand the curriculum and education goals for students.

Take advantage of them!

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