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WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO ... Our Schools/Teachers Are the Best!!!

Parker-Varney Elementary School -- 2016 Teacher of the Year:
As an early childhood special education teacher at the Selma Deitch Early Learning Program housed at Parker-Varney Elementary School, Ashley has a job with many layers. From teaching academics like ABCs and 123s to helping students develop social and emotional skills she describes herself as, “a teacher, caregiver, storyteller, dance party DJ and playmate.” Ashley says her classroom doubles as a second family where they learn together and from each other. She works on teaching kindness. We can all learn from what she shares with her students. She tells them, “We all have our strengths and when you can work together, you can make great things happen.” From her work ethic and her being honored as Teacher of the Year, it is evident that she believes and lives what she is teaching her students. Well done, Ashley Preston!

Northwest Elementary -- 2016 Elementary Principal of the Year:
Ms. Larochelle’s leadership style was described as one of compassion by the NHASP. She has “focused her attention on professional learning around instructional practice and has assigned teacher leaders who are the driving force in not just keeping the goals, but helping everyone continue along in the same direction. Professional Learning Communities with staff book studies have helped strengthen her staff by providing them with thoughtful, authentic professional learning. All of these initiatives have helped she and her teaching staff to meet the new Manchester Academic Standards.

Manchester has some of the finest teachers and schools in the state. We are proud of all of you! As you read this, please take the time to recognize and congratulate each of these people and the schools they represent.

They represent the best our district has to offer.

Debi Rapson
President, Red Brick Guides

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